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At Belos Cavalos we utilize the wisdom of the horse to enhance human connection, facilitating a process of healing when pain and trauma are too severe to openly discuss. Through equine experientially-based recovery and education programs, the horses allow us to awaken a vision of possibilities.

Emotional & Behavioral Health

Equine therapy techniques have proven successful in cases following childhood abduction, criminal trauma, abuse, neglect and high conflict divorce; allowing victims to experience a process of early healing when pain and trauma are too severe to openly discuss in traditional therapy settings.

Personal Development & Wellness

Explore the beauty and inspiration that horses can bring to your life. Join us for a full day of equine assisted learning. Enrich your world with music. Tantalize your palate with delicious food and wine.  We promise to introduce you to experiences that will awaken your senses and stir your soul.

Professional Development & Group Education

Equine experiential education has been implemented across the world for business groups, healthcare providers, educators, community leaders, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and individuals seeking professional coaching. Belos Cavalos catalyzes the “wisdom of the horse” to enhance individual growth and human connection.