Belos Cavalos is a place where people gather together, experience relationships with animals, with nature, with others, and with themselves in order to learn, grow, and heal.

We invite you to join us at Belos Cavalos where—with horses—we learn, heal, and awaken to limitless possibilities for our world, our communities, and ourselves.

How Did It Begin?

Global Health Leader, Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo, founded this organization to honor, utilize, and promote the bond between horses and humans.  

Healing one heart at a time through connection with horses.

Our equine partners act as mirrors of our emotions, reflecting our behaviors, attitudes and ideas. Horses are in the moment and they cannot lie. Thus, they recognize and reflect the incongruence between our behavior and emotion, without judgment, revealing our truths. Because horses are herd animals, living in groups much like humans, they provide valuable insight into group dynamics as well as each individuals roles within teams.

In order to successfully build relationships with horses, ourselves, and our team, we must adapt our behaviors to incorporate the essence of horse behavior, being present in each moment, being open and willing, and taking action and communicating from a place of authenticity, clarity, and intention.

The field of Equine Experiential Education and Therapy has progressed beyond horsemanship and into the realm of human development and healing through facilitated experiences with horses.

The key to doing this work in a conscious and responsible manner is to embrace the wisdom of discovery through experiencing.

Specialized practitioners in the fields of psychotherapy, health & wellness, education, law enforcement, and performing arts render services.

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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Ariat International

“This was an opportunity for our team members to be in a natural outdoor setting, have a
unique experience with horses and learn more about the natural strengths and vulnerabilities
of our self and fellow team members.”

Chelsey Gazeley, Ariat International

“Working with the Belos Cavalos team to co-create our Trauma informed experiential equine program has been remarkable and inspiring.  Being outside, on the farm with the horses and land, creates sanctuary for our children, youth and families to continue to learn, connect, grow and heal.   We are so blessed to have this partnership with Belos Cavalos, Dr. Belluzzo and her highly skilled equine team.”

Belos Cavalos
“Until I attended Belos Cavalos’ personal development workshop, “Discovering Yourself Through Horses,” I had never imagined dancing with a horse. The whole experience made me feel blissfully alive. “
Brenda Richard, Private Pilot and Artist