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Suzanne Sanders

Suzanne Sanders comes to us with a love for horses and communication. She has spent most of her career in the broadcast advertising industry in Sonoma County after graduating from Sonoma State with a degree in Communications. Suzanne and her husband own S2, a Sonoma County advertising agency that helps locally owned businesses build name recognition thru strategic advertising, including print, broadcast and social media.

Suzanne’s love for horses started at an early age when she lived in Arizona and saw her first white horse. Horses have been a source of excitement and comfort for Suzanne her whole life. She now serves on our advisory board to help promote the Belos Cavalos mission and goals through social media and assist with marketing, PR and branding.

Tiffany MacNeil

Singer-Songwriter Certified Equine Interaction Professional – Education (CEIP-ED)

Tiffany MacNeil,  of  True Nature Horse Programs, is dedicated to connecting people of every age with horses, and easing the way back to your true self.

Tiffany has a life-long journey with animals and nature, having worked with large animal programs at Wildlife Waystation and Safari West.

As a Certified Equine Interaction Professional- Education, Certified Yoga teacher, graduate MBA, Tiffany offers workshops in Personal and Leadership Development. Her goal is to blend the wisdom of the body, mind, horses and nature to provide a holistic educational experience with lasting impact.

Tiffany was inspired by her horses to create her song Believe, Believe, Believe which is available on iTunes.

Jody Romero

Jody Romero has a passion for the care, understanding and wellbeing of horses and exploring ways we can relate with them in a more conscious and collaborative way to promote a mutually rewarding horse human partnership. Through her own transformational relationship with her horse Bella, Jody discovered the innate wisdom and profound ability of horses to help us learn, connect, heal & grow. This personal transformation sparked her curiosity and desire to share this ability of horses by bringing people together with horses to discover for themselves the joy and wellness that comes from connection, true partnership, shared respect, becoming present, and physical, emotional and spiritual self awareness. Along with her pursuit in knowledge of the horse/human relationship, other interests include mindfulness, energy medicine, holistic & alternative methods in health, healing and horse care. Jody is also working toward her certification in Equine Experiential Learning.

Kim Shook

Kim Shook has passion for partnering with horses to provide individuals opportunities to learn and grow. With her husband, they cofounded Bella Terra which is an experiential learning and growth program with miniature horses in southwest Michigan. She is a founding member and master trainer of the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A). The other side of Kim is that she graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Computer Engineering and she has worked at some leading companies delivering large scale technology solutions.

In 2000, Kim was drawn to the spirit of the horse after a life changing personal growth experience at Miraval. Ever since she has been passionate about facilitating learning and growth experience with horses. She brings her passion to our advisory board to serve the Below Cavalos mission and goals through sharing her experience with business, non-profit management, and equine experiential education.

Grace Davis

Grace Davis is an “agent of reinvention” first starting with herself. After spending 25 years in sales and marketing leadership for Digital Equipment Corporation/HP, IDC (International Data Corporation), and Google, a life-threatening illness changed her worldview. Once driven by professional achievement, a new passion emerged: simplicity, horses, and nature. Grace now owns a successful small business, and focuses energy on horsemanship.

Grace’s previous training as a Life Coach facilitated her natural fit into equine-assisted experiential programs, both formal and informal. She has assisted adults and children in working with horses as an avenue of peace, healing and growth.

Grace is a devoted and dedicated horsewoman, competing in Ranch Horse Versatility events nationally. She constantly pushes her skills further, with the horse/human connection as the primary goal for winning. Although there are silver buckles achieved from her success, the biggest measurement for her is when her horse prances and whinnies at the sight of her at his pasture gate.